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What with the holiday travel and cooking and a now 1 year old baby… who you callin’ lazy?

No one but the Vegan Month of food Mini MoFo challenge with this topic. 

I’m thinking what do I do that could be construed as lazy? 

Chocolate Goo comes to mind: when a sweet tooth hits, I grab nut butter, cocoa powder and liquid sweetness like brown rice syrup or agave mix it up in a bowl and dig in with a pretzel or cracker or even a spoon.

Or Freezer Cookie Dough, because I also tend to get distracted when making cookies in multiple batches. So, instead of forgetful burning, I make one batch then freeze the remaining dough in ziplock bags: flattened for eazy sliced bar cookies to satisfy my cookie cravings.

I’m also thinking about the baked goods I shop for when I don’t have time to make my own- ready made pie crusts always; puff pastry and polenta for easy appetizers; the cornmeal crust, Trader Joe’s tahini sauce and frozen mushrooms that work well when I run out of fresh veggies or Daya cheese for pizza.

Then there’s my friend, Alicia Casas who just started Jaguar Baker, I’m reserving a pie for the next party!

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Delicata or Banana squash is delicious sliced lengthwise and twice baked with Almond ricotta style cheese. Kite Hill makes a great vegan version, but vegan almond ricotta is also simple to make from scratch. This version of Banana Boats below, takes the easy way.

Thanks to my mom who put the squash whole into 350 degrees F oven. I was shocked, why didn’t you cut it and take out the seeds first? Her reply, because it’s too hard to cut. 

Would it work? After about 20 minutes, I tested by inserting a knife through the skin, it gave easily. They were perfect and no unweildy preslicing either. After slicing and deseeding the cooked squash, I fluffed the filling with a fork, mixing in cheese, herbs and spices. At this point, the prepped squash can be covered and refrigerated to bake at another time. A perfect way to prep for Thanksgiving! Just heat 400 degrees F until warmed through about 5-10 minutes.


1 cup Kite Hill ricotta style cheese

4 Delicata, aka banana squash

Herbs de provence 3-4 teaspoons

Coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste

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