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Designer Date Shake

So I’ve been making date shakes ever since CUE in Palm Springs. Super easy, refreshing and filling.

This one has decorative chocolate date shake on top.

10-15 pitted fresh dates
2-3 cups non dairy milk: almond, soy, hazelnut, etc…
1/4-1/2 cup raw cashews
1T vanilla extract
Purée above ingredients on high in a blender until smooth. Then, add ice gradually to thicken.
5-8 ice cubes

Top with a drizzle of chocolate date shake and put your barista foam decorating skills to the test. (Drag a toothpick or knife through the chocolate to create a design)

chocolate version: add 1/8 cup cocoa powder and 3-4 T of liquid sweetening like agave or honey.


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