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Hello world!

Welcome to Conscious Cooking.

I started this evening with a fork, a piece of Sweet Surprise Pie, Oat Pecan Crust with Cashew Cream and a cup of Good Earth tea. The pie without the cream is a visual failure but a tasty blend of sweet potato, pumpkin pie spice and a crust lined with minced dried fruits. As with most of my recipes, I fix them, eat them, and then think to write them down. I am notorious for my Vegan Mac & Cheese versions, #45, #267 and #395. Pick a number- it will never be the same thing twice (some versions don’t use macaroni, none of them use real cheese).

I taught my first Conscious Cooking classes in 1995 at Kresge College on the campus of UC Santa Cruz. If you were my student then, I thank you for laughing with me when I blended the end of the wooden spoon off.

While it might sound unconscious, to blend a spoon, or forget to write something down: Conscious Cooking relishes the moment of creation- being present with food, life, people and my own heart. If that means I kiss you and burn the Veggie Burgers- so be it- I am glad I kissed you.

I am happy to share more of the fun, food and philosophy of Conscious Cooking on this blog. Into the rotating blender of the digital world I stick my wooden spoon, scrape down the sides and know, most of the time it will come out just fine. I envision this as an enlarged test kitchen for the vegan and vegetarian recipes of Conscious Cooking. A place where we can meet for a cup of tea, a slice of pie and a conversation. What did you think of the recipe? Were you distracted by life in the midst of mixing?

May you find a quiet place to feed your soul and soothe your mind in the mix.

Slow Food International.

Wok on the Wildside.

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